Journal Publications by Tony Cram

Tony Cram contributes articles to business and management journals on strategy, marketing, innovation and customer insight as well as offering practical guidance on topics such as customer service, long term business relationships and pricing.

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Smarter Pricing
Cram, T. (2006) Smarter Pricing, 360° The Ashridge Journal, Spring issue, pp 6-11.

In a world where the only pressure on price is downwards, Tony Cram examines how businesses can move customers and products upwards, towards higher, smarter prices.

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Battling the Price Chasm
Cram, T. (2004) Battling the Price Chasm, 360° The Ashridge Journal, Autumn issue, pp 11-15.

Brand leaders expect challenger brands to compete at a price somewhere below their own - it's a conventional strategy. But today a breed of deep-discounters and disruptive innovators are opening up price chasms.
The old rules of haughty brand supremacy are outmoded and new competitive skills are required. Tony Cram looks at successful examples of how brand leaders have fought back.

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The Laws of Loyalty
Cram, T. (2004) The Laws of Loyalty, CriticalEYE REVIEW: The Journal of Europe's Centre for Business Leaders,, December, pp 72-75.

Long term business success is confirmed by the ability to retain profitable customers. Tony Cram explores the essence of loyalty and offers six laws of loyalty.

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This article was originally published in CriticalEYE REVIEW ( in December 2004

Seven of the Best
Cram, T. (2003) Seven of the Best, Directions - The Ashridge Journal, Summer, pp 24-28.

The way a brand is delivered is a key success factor for service brands. Tony Cram highlights seven best practices.

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