Customers that Count

How to build living relationships with your most valuable customers

by Tony Cram
Financial Times Prentice Hall (2001)

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About Customers that Count

Securing repeat business from good customers through long-term loyal relationships is the key to generating profit. However, there are two key elements to this that most people ignore or misunderstand. First, the notion of "good customers". That means you have to concentrate on customers that count; the ones who deliver profits. Equally importantly, it means that you should learn to sack "bad customers"; the others who are destroying value. Second, the notion of "loyal relationships". A loyal relationship is one that lives and goes beyond the database. If you want these customers' loyalty, you have to treat them like valued human beings, not just numbers. This book is more than just another book on CRM. It goes beyond the concept of capturing cutomers into captivating them. In a world where consumer choice has never been greater, and where the cost of acquiring new customers is sometimes more than the value they bring in, you can't afford to treat all customers the same - the company that seems human will win. As customer value replaces cost control as the guiding principle of management, Tony Cram reveals how to manage the customers that count.

By focusing on the top 20% of customers who normally provide 75-90% of profits it proves the business case and answers concerns about the scale and cost of CRM. It goes beyond the concept of capturing customers and shows you how to captivate them.


"A wonderfully fresh look at CRM. Customers that Count starts with the theses that the nature of human relationship provides a model for creating business loyalty, then reviews important rules of friendship that will help you to build customer relationships. Filled with lots of valuable case histories, this is an idea-a-minute read."
Fredrick Newell, author of The New Rules of Marketing

"Here is a book with a clear message on how to succeed in corporate life. Meeting the individual needs of your customer has to be at the heart of business... I was delighted to see a book exploring the importance of understanding our customers' psyche as a key driver for building fruitful long-term business relationships - excellent, a thought-provoking read."
Peter Ellwood, Group Chief Executive Lloyds TSB Group plc

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