The Power of Relationship Marketing

Keeping Customers for Life

by Tony Cram
Financial Times Prentice Hall (1996)

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About The Power of Relationship Marketing

More and more organisations are recognising that success depends above all on getting and keeping the right customers. To do this, marketing efforts should be centred on lasting relationships rather than closing the one-off sale. Seeing the importance of long-term customer retention is easy but putting it into practice is more difficult. "The Power of Relationship Marketing" meets the need for a practical guide to the implementation of relationship marketing. Packed with examples and advice it follows a pattern of Seven Steps:

  1. Loyal staff - how to inspire and harness staff loyalty
  2. Loyal customers - a new loyal customer-based segmentation
  3. Learning organisation - understanding, responding and anticipating needs
  4. Relationship pricing - customer-based pricing
  5. Interactive communications - contact strategies including word-of-mouth marketing
  6. Staff training - service excellence through role models and legends
  7. Relationship management - how to build commitment and stay on track


"The key to profitable growth for any enterprise is, and always has been, the achievement of market loyalty. In "The Power of Relationship Marketing", Tony Cram applies this simple but vital commercial imperative to the rigours and complexities of the highly-contested global market-place of the future. It is recommended reading for all those involved in the management of competitive business".
Sir Colin Marshall, Chairman British Airways

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