Smarter Pricing

How to capture more value in your market

by Tony Cram
Financial Times Prentice Hall (2006)

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About Smarter Pricing

Pricing is the most important profit driver and the convincing element in product positioning. Unfortunately pricing is too often the most neglected element of the marketing mix. With profitability and competitiveness stakes high, pricing decisions are too important to leave to rules of thumb. There is another way. This book will help you understand the value delivered to your customers and show you how to increase it, how to communicate it and most importantly, how you can capture an increased proportion of this value.

Smarter Pricing is designed to be a short sharp companion to intelligent pricing. Built around three core elements:

  • Customers - smarter ways to understand them
  • Competitors - smarter ways to outwit them
  • Company success - smarter ways to capture value

This book will guide you to more profitable possibilities and support more decisive pricing. Use the advice and it will deliver excellent value to you.


"...this crisp, comprehensive book by a marketing and strategy expert... cannot fail to pay dividends"
Director Magazine, February 2006

"Smarter pricing offers marketers a multitude of ways to think creatively about the trickiest part of the marketing mix. Whatever price you pay for this book, it will deliver outstanding value"
Hugh Burkitt, Chief Executive, The Marketing Society

"An excellent book, on a critical area of strategy that has never before been analysed sufficiently. The analysis of value and the destructiveness of price wars is particularly valuable"
Miles Templeman, Director General, Institute of Directors

"Tony Cram's book is a must-read for executives who want to break the shackles of cost-based approaches to pricing and harness the opportunities offered by value-based pricing. Smarter Pricing provides the reader with a clear and very insightful approach to understanding the impact of customers, channels, and competitors on their firm's abilities to enhance their value extraction processes using creative pricing strategies"
Das Narayandas, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School.

"A thought-provoking insight to the psychology of strategic pricing. Tony Cram's study into this sensitive commercial area is packed full of intelligent and practical evaluations. This book will become a must-read for all business managers involved in competitive consumer-facing commerce."
Steve Knott, Managing Director, HMV UK & Ireland

"With margins for companies becoming more and more squeezed, efficient pricing is a key lever companies must get right to succeed and prosper within their marketplace. Setting the "right" price is extremely difficult and can be instrumental in defining the positioning along its lifecycle. Tony Cram helps cut through some of the issues with a practical framework to help businesses optimise the value from any product"
Matthew Stanton, Finance Director InBev UK

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