Conference Speaking

Speaking in Poland
Speaking at Self-storage conference in Paris
Conference in Paris

Tony Cram is an engaging and memorable conference presenter. His success derives from well-prepared and relevant content, delivered in a structured sequence, enriched with vivid business examples.

Speaking expertise

Tony Cram has spoken on:

  • Smarter Pricing - best practices in making profitable pricing decisions
  • Customer insight and segmentation- effective ways to understand customer motivations and to implement key lessons
  • Customer relationships - building long-term relationships with valuable customers
  • Secrets of Customer service - critical factors in successful service
  • Innovation in business - recognising, creating and exploiting new opportunities

International working

Tony works internationally - significantly his speaking style is accessible to be understood by audiences whose first languages may not be English. In addition, he is experienced in working with simultaneous translation. He has worked successfully with German, Czech, Spanish, Turkish and Polish translators.


Chartered Institute of Marketing, North London branch, 7th November 2006

"Thanks so very very much for speaking last night ... I should tell you that when the Region reviewed the total Year's worth of events, your previous Smart Pricing presentation received both the highest praise and attendance. Looks like you've done it again - 92% of the people there scored you as excellent on speaker and content."

Ashridge Alumni - Business Briefing, RIBA London, 25 January 2007.

"Well presented"
"Very stimulating"
"Excellent presentation, well delivered and relevant"
"Very clear and precise"
"Very absorbing, perfect depth"
"Content very relevant and applicable"
"Have taken away several ideas that can be implemented"
"Very constructive with some useful nuggets to put into practice"
"Speaker style very engaging and good delivery with relevant case studies"
FORMAT & CONTENT (score out of 5) average 5.0