Leading Seminars & Workshops

Tony Leading in Paris
Tony at Fox Camp

Tony Cram is a lively and effective seminar and workshop leader. His success derives from well-prepared and relevant content, delivered in a structured sequence, enriched with vivid business examples.

Subject expertise

Tony Cram has lead workshops and seminars on:

  • Smarter Pricing - best practices in making profitable pricing decisions
  • Customer insight and segmentation- effective ways to understand customer motivations and to implement key lessons
  • Customer relationships - building long-term relationships with valuable customers
  • Secrets of Customer service - critical factors in successful service
  • Innovation in business - recognising, creating and exploiting new opportunities
  • Marketing in commodity markets - ways to differentiate in commodity markets

International working

Tony works internationally. He has run workshops, seminars and programmes for clients in more than a dozen European countries, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Africa. His speaking style is accessible to be understood by audiences whose first languages may not be English.


Mike Hobbs, Director of Business Development, Carillion Healthcare UK

"Tony has undertaken a number of facilitating assignments with the Carillion Health Work Winning Team. These have included: facilitation of major bid kick-off workshops with Carillion staff and external advisors; and facilitation of team development Away-days for our work winning team. Tony's relaxed personable style together with his wide experience has contributed to successful outcomes to each of the events in which Tony has worked with us. However, in my opinion the most important factor in Tony being successful is the research and planning prior to the event. I look forward to working with Tony in the future."

Andrew Wilkinson, Chief Executive, TMP London

"Tony attended a TMP management event and delivered an energetic and practical talk which engaged and energised the group. His ability to articulate important client/customer ideas into the simplest concepts that people can use the next day is why we chose Tony and would choose him again"

Pauline Camp, Human Resources, Mondi Business Paper, Vienna Austria

"We got in touch recently with Tony about a training workshop for a team of our international Sales, Marketing and Logistics managers on the topic of Commodity Marketing and were hugely impressed from start to end with Tony's absolutely committed and professional approach not only in understanding our business and our needs but also in delivering a high-impact, customised training workshop with plenty of practical food for thought on a fairly challenging topic. Our delegates, most of whom were well experienced and qualified professionals, were extremely impressed with the outcome and rated this workshop as one of the highest in their development programme."